my name is claudia hey hello
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it's not like i'm fallin' in love i just want you to do me no good, and you look like you could


if you are attracted to me you are required by law to tell me. 


A Song You Know All The Words Too - [001/100]

That’s the reason I’m so sick of love songs
So done with wishing you were still here
Said I’m so sick of love songs so sad and slow
So why can’t I turn off the radio?
  • Teacher: How much is a gram?
  • Me: Shit, Depends on what you want..

"He forgot about you. Remember that."
-Remember this every day until it sinks in. Keep reminding yourself of this every time you are reminded of him until you realise that you deserved better. You deserve better. Remember that. (via c-oquetry)

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